Reverso or two sides of the same page, two characters in mirror.
    I am one, I am two.
    Is it me in the reflection? Is it someone else?

    Is this drunk woman who laughs and falls the image of the absurdity of my own existence? Why does this disturbing strangeness suddenly seem so familiar to me?
    Reverso pokes fun at these questions in strange physical situations that are appear on stage.

    Taking possession of the few objects placed there – wigs, sneakers, chairs – silhouettes take shape and slide from one state to another. They stumble through several elusive realities, not caring about the border between floor and wall, backstage and stage, play and life.

    Testing themselves in the game of similarities, the bodies converse without speaking, filling the relationship with the other with solitude and strangeness…
    Little by little, excess takes over, the border between dream and reality blurs and leads the character(s) to lose themselves in their own unconscious.


    • Authors and performers
      Julien Fournier, Anne Pribat
    • Accompanying director, co-writer
      Lara Barsacq
    • Lighting and video design
      Arié Van Egmond
    • Sound creation
      Raphaël Dodemont
    • Construction of the stage and machinery
      Bruno Renson
    • Partners
      Reverso is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (General Directorate of Performing Arts, Circus Arts Department), Cirque Désaccordé, Espace Périphérique, SACD Brussels.
    • Residency
      La Roseraie, Les Halles, l’Espace Périphérique
    • Work space, logistical and promotional support
      Cie Feria Musica